Rabu, 21 September 2016

Whiteboard animation

On a whiteboard animation is a true artist a real drawing on a white surface (whiteboard). While drawing the hand of the artist is filmed - and that's what you see in the video animation. Adtoons produces, whiteboard animation that really arise under the eye of the camera: no digital tricks so, but customized with more personality, character and feeling. A professional voice over, an experienced copywriter and, not least, good camera work with the correct exposure, provide the icing on the cake: your whiteboard animation in which your story, product or service in an original and often humorous way is presented.

Why a whiteboard animation?

A whiteboard animation can be used for different purposes: think for example of visualizing a product that is still in development, a service that is hard to make tangible or even the organizational change which is difficult to understand. Elevator Productions thinks along with you to work together to achieve optimal storyline with matching drawings.

Everyone has his or her own style!
After all, you can tell a story in many ways: fast, funny, serious, name it. Every creative professional has his or her own unique and distinctive style. Want something soon or maybe more playful? Slightly cartoonish? Also, there is plenty of choice in drawing materials: are you going to stick, black and white, colored, or you're in for something completely new, such as paint or watercolor? Use the whiteboard animation examples for inspiration and discover together with Elevator Productions, which suits you.